Mistress Olivia Akula is a Russian born world class elite Dominatrix who’s passionate about world of fetishes, bdsm and art of female domination . She’s a lifestyle and a pro Domina with decades of experience in most of BDSM activities , and with that she’s one of the top experts in the field . Over the years Mistress Olivia had trained many others pro and a lifestyle dominas , some of which have had made their own names now in the industry . Mistress Olivia is what we may call a “modern day matriarch “ , and she’s a big supporter of FLR .

Mistress Olivia Akuka is strong , intelligent, and sexy and prefers a wiser to a shout ….

She loves creating an experience where one completely submerges into a whole other world . Where one can explore themselves in a safe environment , going deep into their psyche , looking into every dark corner , and embracing themselves … fully and completely. She’s an intuitive player , she will recognize your darkest fantasies and desires , and will guide you trough your experience of self exploration with a firm but living hand . Her understanding, and knowledge of physical and psychological aspects of bdsm is superb , she have a unique ability to identify your darkest desires ( some of which you won’t even admit to yourself ) and take you there ! To embrace yourSELF . Olivia Akula have training in most every bdsm activities, but Her favorite is the psychological aspects of it .

Olivia Akula is a founder of the Fetish Chamber dungeon, and have had trained many others in the arts of BDSM over the years . She have a true passion for bdsm community, and a big supporter of FLR and matriarchy . Coming from a long lineage of matriarchs , Shes been introduced to flr at the very early age and it’s only natural to Her . Shes been commanding boys ( and girls ) at the age of 4 already , being their General and they are Her soldiers . An avid reader , and a scholar of several disciplines , She’s started Her training , to become what She’s now , since a very early age . Mistress Olivia Akula is

A TRUE Mistress who’s purpose in life is to make this world a better place .

Come and explore with Her . Get on your knees , and just SURRENDER.
Enjoy !