• Doctor Olivia

    I’ve been a patient for Doctor Olivia for well over 10 years. I always leave the doctors clinic feeling much better. I receive a complete exam. The doctor usually has many kinky experiments she performs on me. Do to the nature of these experiments I’m usually placed in inescapable bondage, blindfolded and gagged. I’m usually sedated so the doctor has full access of my body. I see Doctor Olivia for my quarterly exams and each time is more complete than the past one. I strongly recommend a visit to Doctor Olivia,

  • Yes, she is real!

    Believe everything you read in the testimonials below. She is creative, she is sensual, she is sadistic and most of all she is into you.  Olivia is not a clock watcher and has an uncanny way to know what you need when you do not even know what you need! Like others, I have played around the country for many years and by accident came across Olivia. Best thing that ever happened to me mentally and physically. She is beyond awesome, beyond the real thing, I can not say enough about this exquisite gem in this strange world we play. Just visit and let your world be controlled by her, it is the best experience you can give to yourself

  • From Slave 14

    Recent session with Mistress Olivia was out of this world, she has the ability to really get inside your head and suddenly pain becomes pleasure.

    The 2 hour session was full of surprises, much of which I was experiencing for the first time, being stretched felt so good, and the creamy surprise at the end along with the GS was fantastic. Thank you Mistress, the best in LA.

  • From Slave 726

    Today’s session was unbelievable! Probably one of the most fun sessions I have ever had (in almost thirty years as a sub). All four of the Dommes I served were totally into it – each in her own way – each enjoying using me in the way that pleased Her. I had an amazing time – so glad I left work to come in and serve all four of You. Loved the contrast – from Freya – more quiet – but knows what she wants and likes – to Ivy – who is totally fun – very sexual and seemed to love using me for her pleasure – to Kitana – who was brand new – knew very little – wasn’t sure what she was willing to try – until she tried it – was incredibly sexy and sexual, and loved whatever she tried, and You Mistress Olivia – expertise personified, Loved it. Want to do it again soon. So happy You told me we can do it again when Ivy returns. But I will be back before that – will be back as soon as I can get back – probably next week.
    Slave 726

  • Dear Mistress Olivia –

    Among the many Mistresses I have visited over the past decade, none are comparable to You. Never have I totally surrendered in their power in the way I surrendered to Yours. Had I allowed You more time (one hour was woefully too short), I would have submitted to any of Your desires. You owned me. Totally.

    What’s crazy is i’ve never let a Mistress inside of me in that way before – inside of me psychologically. Always i’ve maintained some control within, holding on to holding on and to not letting completely go. You changed that. Somehow You climbed inside of me effortlessly. i surrendered the moment i was face to face with You, moments into the session. i surrendered before i was naked and prone at Your feet. i surrendered before i was bound and exposed and vulnerable on Your table.

    It was as if You knew me prior but You didn’t. You put me at ease by being sympathetic yet firm in Your intent. i was a puddle in Your midst, and it felt so natural and real.

    You took me to space where i had never been. i loved it. Simultaneous sensations of pain, restraint, penetration, sensuality, Your awareness and control of everything, and You bing deep inside of my psyche – gentle and firm and knowing.

    i’m sending You thanks with my deepest gratitude.

    April 2016

  • Real Mistress

    Mistress Olivia is the real Mistress I have been searching for a long time :

    She is genuine, she loves what she does and looked into my eyes the whole time. There was no going away, no hiding for me. She wanted to read my soul, and she did, I gave up to her superiority and let her take control of me entirely, which I do not let happen to every Mistress I play with. But she is real, not a poser. She enjoys having a man at her feet and under her soles. She read my mind because she is attentive, aware and understand men with fetishes, I loved serving her and her Dommes in training and can’t wait to have her break my shield again.

    Do not hesitate to meet with her, she will make you feel amazing after she breaks you mentally and physically.

    April 2016

  • Mistress Olivia

    There are few people in my life whom I respect and admire as much as Headmistress Olivia of Fetish Chamber. She is the embodiment of feminine energy and power, a perceptive empath who can read our deepest needs and structure compelling experiences for us. website down site down Time with Her will be the best of our lives.

    Headmistress Olivia commands space with Her movement – Her grace and strength are manifested in what we see and feel. She commands with Her eyes and voice. She is, of course, admirably severe – Russians understand discipline! We suffer as Her will decides, yes. She hurts but does not harm, and She heals us as She welts us.

    Headmistress Olivia is beautiful in all the possibilities of the word. She can and will change our lives for the better.

    March 2016


  • First time at Fetish Chamber

    It was my first time seeing a Mistress. Needless to say, I was very nervous.

    Mistress Olivia was very professional and courteous. Sitting me down and just talking about how the session would play out.

    Once I made my tribute, she began to relax me with her voice and presence and as soon as I was, she jumped into the fantasy.

    I was wrapped up like a newborn baby and placed under her control. At first I was somewhat scared, but she assured me it was fine and I relaxed again.

    The rest of the session played out with her reassuring me every step of the way, while never letting go of her absolute control of and authority over me. It was an amazing experience. what is a cloud . She played relaxing music throughout and applied a blindfold to help me relax even further.

    At the end she surprised me with an unexpected scenario that left me feeling utterly helpless. But in an enjoyable kind of way.

    Will definitely be coming back for more and I recommend The Fetish Chamber and Mistress Olivia very highly.

  • Mistress O

    This is the place in LA to lose yourself in a fantasy and a dream. First of all I love the cleanliness and the safety. Safe with my feeling and desires. My most recent session with Ms Olivia had me being greeted at the door by a lovely Ms dresses in latex…..latex which felt so good when she decided it was time for me to brush herself against me while I was restrained. She placed headphones over my ears, played some really hot music and blind folded me. The Sensory deprivation was like a drug overdose without the drugs.
    I HONESTLY had to decompress myself and gather my thoughts when this session was over. Felt like I was in outer space. domain like . The Fetish Chamber is a must for this reason and the fact the Ms Olivia have a stable of lovely Mistress for you to serve.

    February 2016


  • Pleasure at Fc

    I have had the pleasure of visiting the Fetish chamber many times over the past 6 years. Mistress Olivia has provided the most amazing sessions. Every session has been unrushed, personalized and unforgettable. Mistress Olivia ‘ s dungeon is well equipped for any fetish, from, Her cross to Her bondage table to some of Her other more exciting impliments.

    The Fetish Chamber is unmatched in the LA area. With Mistress Olivia ‘ s permission I will continue to be a patron.