Submissive Lilith

Submissive LilithSubmissive Lilith possesses shocking flexibility and endurance.

She practices yoga at least once a week for three to four hours to ensure that she is lithe and ready for anything that you desire of her.

This submissive slut is ready and eager to serve her Master or Mistress, and cares for nothing but your pleasure.

She is an obedient slave, but if you want her to be willful, she is ready to challenge herself.

Her mind and body is your playground, and she is eager to be used or accept your commands.

Lilith welcomes all games and roles.

Her specialties and pleasures include:

  • Submission/Slave
  • Impact Play
  • Choking
  • Hair Pulling
  • Collar/Leash Play
  • Cuffing
  • Bondage, especially things that take advantage of her flexibility and endurance
  • Enemas – receiving or giving if you command it of her
  • Cuckold and Bondage on command

Explore all the ways that you can use a submissive. She cannot wait to be enjoyed by you. To request a session with Lilith, please Contact us or call 213-259-9305


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