Lady Raquel

Lady RaquelElegant and confident, Lady Raquel enjoys the thrill of life.

She is well educated and exudes class and charm.

She will hold you with a stern and sensual look, letting you wonder always, what is next. She enjoys the art of the tease and you will go crazy, begging for Her touch.

From the moment you step into Her presence, your body and mind will respond with desire to Her natural command.

Her wit and charm will put you at ease and keep you focused. Her eyes will seduce you.

You will obey Her every command ad She will lead you through your deepest and most cherished fantasies, bringing you further than you ever imagined.

If you would like to test your limits, Lady Raquel will be happy to push you, helping you to embrace every second of pleasure and pain that you beg Her to give you.

Lady Raquel enjoys many aspects of BDSM. Some of specialties and pleasures include:

  • CBT
  • Bondage
  • Impact Play: whipping/flogging/spanking
  • Golden Showers
  • Humiliation
  • Role Play
  • Sensual Domination
  • Foot Fetishes
  • Nipple Play

Explore your limits and experience the depths of sensual submission. If you would like to request a session with Lady Raquel, then please Contact us or Call 213-259-9305


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