Lady Erin Swift

Lady Erin SwiftLady Erin Swift is a lifestyle player and an experienced Dominant. She is willing and able to bring all novices, subbies, sissy boys, and slaves into Her world of kink, dark secrets and desires.

She has been on both sides of Dominance and submission, so She understands the logistics and psychology of your role very intimately, physically and mentally.
She can be cunning and sweet or sadistic and cruel, depending on your needs.

Be careful what you wish for, however. Do not mistake Her training and experience for softness. Even sweet can have a dark side.
Lady Erin Swift is well versed in all BDSM activities. Ranging from sensual to heavy, She is an intuitive Dominatrix.

With over a decade of experience in the scene, She will most likely know your style, so if you have a kink or fetish you do not see, do not be afraid to ask. Her specialties and pleasures include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Shibari Bondage
  • Goddess Worship
  • Foot Worship
  • Mummification
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Cross Dressing
  • Role Play
  • GS
  • Tease and Denial
  • Impact Play – spanking/flogging
  • CBT
  • Power Exchange
  • Cunning
  • Enemas

Come and experience this elegant Domina. If you would like to request a session, please Contact us
or Call 213-259-9305

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