Mistress Olivia Review

This was the third time I was at the Fetish Chamber and it was one of my best experiences ever!

It started with me waiting by a nearby restaurant super nervous. Then I get a text from Mistress Olivia that she wants to join me for a drink before I meet the absolutey gorgeous Goddess Vanessa.

We sit and chat for about an hour and after awhile I’m not that nervous anymore. Mistress Olivia is super nice and really good looking and have this aura of self confidence and power. After two drinks she walks me to the chamber and ask for me to wait for Goddess Vanessa.

Meanwhile I’m waiting Mistress Olivia shows me some of her new toys and say that she want to try some of them on me while I’m waiting. I get really excited and she blindfolds me and she’s playing with my nipples and I LOVE it!

After awhile Goddess Vanessa enters the room in a shiny latex catsuit and commands me to massage her feet while she is drinking her red wine.
Mistress Olivia asks if its okey that she is in the room watching Goddess Vanessa play with me.

It ends with both Goddess Vanessa and Mistress Olivia playing with me and pushing my limits in a good way and punish me. I absolutely love every second of it!

I would definitely recommend anyone who’s interesting in BDSM visit Fetish Chamber, they are absolutely amazing there!

I will be back for sure in a short while!

February 2016