From Slave 726

Today’s session was unbelievable! Probably one of the most fun sessions I have ever had (in almost thirty years as a sub). All four of the Dommes I served were totally into it – each in her own way – each enjoying using me in the way that pleased Her. I had an amazing time – so glad I left work to come in and serve all four of You. Loved the contrast – from Freya – more quiet – but knows what she wants and likes – to Ivy – who is totally fun – very sexual and seemed to love using me for her pleasure – to Kitana – who was brand new – knew very little – wasn’t sure what she was willing to try – until she tried it – was incredibly sexy and sexual, and loved whatever she tried, and You Mistress Olivia – expertise personified, Loved it. Want to do it again soon. So happy You told me we can do it again when Ivy returns. But I will be back before that – will be back as soon as I can get back – probably next week.
Slave 726