First time at Fetish Chamber

It was my first time seeing a Mistress. Needless to say, I was very nervous.

Mistress Olivia was very professional and courteous. Sitting me down and just talking about how the session would play out.

Once I made my tribute, she began to relax me with her voice and presence and as soon as I was, she jumped into the fantasy.

I was wrapped up like a newborn baby and placed under her control. At first I was somewhat scared, but she assured me it was fine and I relaxed again.

The rest of the session played out with her reassuring me every step of the way, while never letting go of her absolute control of and authority over me. It was an amazing experience. what is a cloud . She played relaxing music throughout and applied a blindfold to help me relax even further.

At the end she surprised me with an unexpected scenario that left me feeling utterly helpless. But in an enjoyable kind of way.

Will definitely be coming back for more and I recommend The Fetish Chamber and Mistress Olivia very highly.