Dear Mistress Olivia –

Among the many Mistresses I have visited over the past decade, none are comparable to You. Never have I totally surrendered in their power in the way I surrendered to Yours. Had I allowed You more time (one hour was woefully too short), I would have submitted to any of Your desires. You owned me. Totally.

What’s crazy is i’ve never let a Mistress inside of me in that way before – inside of me psychologically. Always i’ve maintained some control within, holding on to holding on and to not letting completely go. You changed that. Somehow You climbed inside of me effortlessly. i surrendered the moment i was face to face with You, moments into the session. i surrendered before i was naked and prone at Your feet. i surrendered before i was bound and exposed and vulnerable on Your table.

It was as if You knew me prior but You didn’t. You put me at ease by being sympathetic yet firm in Your intent. i was a puddle in Your midst, and it felt so natural and real.

You took me to space where i had never been. i loved it. Simultaneous sensations of pain, restraint, penetration, sensuality, Your awareness and control of everything, and You bing deep inside of my psyche – gentle and firm and knowing.

i’m sending You thanks with my deepest gratitude.

April 2016