Welcome to the Fetish Chamber

Fetish Chamber bound hands

Come, enjoy the Fetish Chamber, a fully equipped play space that you may enjoy with one of the beautiful, seductive Dommes here at your service. The Fetish Chamber is owned and operated by the Deviant Russian Goddess Mistress O, and She welcomes you to Her Domain.

A Wonderland of Pleasures in Los Angeles

The Fetish Chamber is located just west of Downtown Los Angeles. We are near the 101 and 10 Freeways, so we are easy to find.

A Premium Los Angeles Dungeon

The Dungeon is synonymous with BDSM play, and we have a room dedicated to all of you BDSM kinksters. Whatever you desire, in kinky fetish fun, our Dungeon is ready and equipped to meet your needs. Get your bondage fix with a variety of ropes and chains. We also feature a bondage table, cross, rack, sling, and spreader bar to keep you wide for disciplining.

We also feature a wide assortment of tools for play and punishment alike – floggers, paddles, hoods, whips, canes, and even strap on toys. The dungeon is ready for anything, mild or extreme. Watch your punishment and pleasure in the mirror-lined wall as well.

Kinky Medical Play

If you enjoy kinky medical play, then we have the equipment for your needs so that you can enjoy all kinds of naughty explorations. A potty chair for humiliation, discipline and toilet slaves, and for those who truly misbehave, we even have a straitjacket. Our enema equipment includes everything that you need, nozzles, colon tubes of various sizes, and a range of bags to suit what you can take. We even have a JBL that you can enjoy for do-it-yourself fun or for discipline practice.

If you enjoy the heavy medical play, we can accommodate that as well. Our medical equipment includes catheters, sounds, I.V. bags, and needles. If you are into hard-core fun, come and enjoy play in the chamber’s safe, clean and discreet place.

Experience and safety at the Fetish Chamber

Mistress O has been a Pro Domme for over ten years. Your safety and pleasure are Her top priorities here. Everything is kept clean and sterile, and we take pride in your safe, sane, and consensual enjoyment of the Fetish Chamber. Let Us guide you into an exciting world of BDSM and help you to explore your dark side. Safe , Sane, Consensual

And….Your secrets are safe with us!

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