Welcome to the Fetish Chamber

Fetish Chamber bound handsFetish Chamber – where your fantasy turned into a reality. A World of Russian Domina – Mistress O, and She welcomes you to Her Domain.

A Wonderland of Pain , Pleasures and Self Exploration .

Mistress O is an elite , upscale Russian born Domina . With primary residence in Los Angeles , USA . She’s a frequent traveler , and you can follow Her on twitter @RussianDomina for a latest updates  on Her where about.

When in Los Angeles , Her private play space -The Fetish Chamber is located 10 min northeast  of Downtown Los Angeles , near the 110 /5 / 2 /134  Freeways. 

One of the most discreet  Los Angeles Dungeons.

Experience and safety at the Fetish Chamber

Mistress O is one of the most experienced Dominas in the country. She taught  classes , and been a mentor to many kink and bdsm professionals , and enthusiasts.  Your safety is one of Her top priorities here. Everything is kept clean and sterile, and we take pride in your safe, sane, and consensual enjoyment of the Fetish Chamber. Let Us guide you into an exciting world of BDSM and help you to explore your other side .